1. I think he’s honestly threatening the paparazzi with s shot from his penis! Bravos, sir…

  2. SOB

    Is he 9ft tall?

  3. Homer Simpson

    Michael is a fast bender.

  4. Cookie

    “Your photos are ready!”

  5. dooood

    hey! i shot you! that means your dead!
    you have to lie down and be dead now!

  6. Vlad

    finger pistols…pew pew

  7. nutterbutter

    This is the german two for FUCK YOU!

  8. “Is your name Charlize Theron? No? Next question!”

  9. neo_v

    that has to be photo-shopped – his head is far too large for the rest of him

  10. cc

    Sir, please fart on this photograph.

  11. journalschism

    “Is there metal on that bra? Watch this!”

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