1. Johnny P!

    “They’re always getting their junk out in public and only perform in the dark. I really love this show!”

  2. DeucePickle

    Doesn’t really look like Cheri Oteri.

  3. Those brine face masks are working out well for Cheri

  4. EricLr

    Are they a thing now? Because I *really* don’t want to think about those kids.

  5. dooood

    wonder what the hell she’s been up to. what’s the last thing she was in? scary movie (1) in 2000?
    she was one of the funnier cast members. surprised she didn’t come back when will ferrel hosted. she was cute as that cheerleader.

  6. People know that you don’t HAVE to leave SNL, right?

  7. Contusion

    I know you are but what am I?

  8. Vlad

    Holy crap! If they’re really going to make another Pee-Wee movie, they’ll blow the budget on CGI!

  9. MarkM

    These special effect make up artists are fantastic! Now nobody will realize that we used to be famous!

  10. Coyote

    I love, love, love, Cheri Oteri. Cheri Call me!

  11. “Sex can wait! Masturbate!”

  12. It’s so good to see Cheri Oteri again. Very funny woman. She looks good.

  13. squishy

    Ummm WHY?!

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