1. That chick is turning around to see who the father of her child is… Skarsgaard isn’t the only one with remote impregnation powers…

  2. lillaliket

    I so would

  3. I'mCool

    Well of course you let the scarf hang out the bottom of the vest. Tucking it in your pants would just be stupid.

  4. I don’t always wear scarves, but when I do, I wear them so they make theater curtains for my dick.

    • the man

      seriously i rarely laugh at these idiots comments on here but you sir are pretty F Funny that made my night

  5. lol

    Still hot.

  6. A scarf UNDER a vest. Ashton, are you watching this?

  7. EricLr

    Well, at least one celebrity paid tribute to Robin Gibb.

  8. He is… the most interesting douche in the world….

  9. lily

    hott as hell and his body is uhhhhhmazing. but what is he wearing?

  10. So disappointed by the scarf. SO disappointed. Almost as much as I am by that Sonny Crockettesque turned up collar. Not to say that changes my “feelings” for him by any means … it’s his stylist that needs a punch in the face….

  11. Frank The Duck

    Someone should tell Keanu not to put his vest on after his scarf….

  12. Blech

    Looks like Victoria Beckham’s face has unfrozen a bit for this one.

  13. Max

    That girl on the left is trying her pout so hard I wouldn’t be surprised to see a turd slipping down her leg..
    And she looks like a Victoria Beckham male impersonator or a Jennifer Love Hewitt body.. ..half.

  14. The scarf tucked under your vest? That is epic douchebaggery.

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