1. SOB

    Steven Tyler leaving yoga

  2. Johnny P!

    The ol’ ‘I know… I can’t help it, I’m really hot” apologetic shrug of the truly delusional.

  3. ozmosis

    Quack quack

  4. j/k

    A-Rod strikes again…

  5. rican

    “Holy Yogamats Batman, it’s the Joker in spandex!”

  6. EricLr

    She should probably get that face to the ER.

  7. Why so serious?

  8. disillusionisreal


  9. “Wait till they get a load of me!”

  10. Ollie


  11. MarkM

    Shouldn’t he be too busy judging on American Idol to be out doing Pilates?

  12. clucky

    At least Stevens toes aren’t in the picture! They are so ugly & jacked up!

  13. King Diamond

    On set location from “The Muppets From Hell.”

  14. just here for the laughs

    Are her eyes crossed? That must have been some yoga class…

  15. little turtle head

    When did Lisa rinna turn into bethanny frankel?

  16. Pink Slime

    Botox and breast implants – making America’s burlap sacks look like humans.

  17. JANE

    Thank God for this picture, she just scored the role of Joker in the next Batman movie

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