1. Charlie Hodge

    Here’s Janice acting like a total bitch. Or what the rest of the world calls Thursday.

  2. chloe

    Woman in blue top “I told you not to engage her Mai Lin! Now I have to hold this crazy ass bitch who looks more asian than you down! Her pedicure will be totally ruined! You bring dishonor to Ho Mi’s Nail palace!”

  3. Johnny P!

    Janice: “The Asians worship me like a goddess, bitches!”
    Woman behind her (in Korean): “This how we get mummies ready for display in museums. Re-hydrate a little so they don’t flake. Questions?”

  4. Dick Hell

    I seem to recall the scars from this woman’s boob job were so bad the pedicurist probably has to work around them.

  5. These people come here to try and have a better life and the USA treats them like this.

    For shame…for shame.

  6. Crouching Janice, Hidden Titwreck

  7. EricLr

    It takes a whole team just to get through the scales.

  8. Just wondering – who does pedicures in Thailand?

  9. Ellen Cormier

    such a old, saggy used up bitch.

  10. R.

    I say sweatshop.

  11. SOB

    I shudder thinking about the “view” the one giving the pedicure has …. “do not look up, do not look up .. “

  12. Bigalkie

    You so pretty.. You got boyfriend?

  13. lily

    looks liek the wicked witch

  14. Vlad

    She’s in for her 500,000 mile tune up

  15. For the love of God, Pedicure Lady… don’t look up.

  16. Atomicbeddy

    Hold her down! The exorcism isn’t over yet!

  17. pretty in bed

    linda e doesnt go to the nail salon.
    the nail salon goes to her.
    just sayin.

  18. Eileen Ford

    Looks like the Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon. Miss Swan must have gone to get the tranquilizer darts.

  19. Blech

    Is that what being strangled looks like?

  20. “What is that little shit doing to my feet? I only came in to use the loo.”

  21. Napoupi

    I knew if she kept making that face she’ll stay like this forever !

  22. just here for the laughs

    I’d be careful – looks like a death ray may come out of her eyes any minute!

  23. Urvag

    Oh shit! The zombie stories are true!

  24. Oh Janice…you so pritty. You have boyfriend? Long nail make easy for you to get boyfriend!

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