1. This man is livin’ the dream… Having a midget with a purple mohawk following you around? I can only dream of this….

  2. Johnny P!

    One of The Rock’s career highs.
    The midget? meh… it’s just another “we need a little person” acting gig.

  3. The Most Interesting

    Dear God: Please tell me that’s Dinklage’s stand-in and this movie involves using midgets for T-ball.

  4. Art Crow

    Yeah, yeah…shine him up real nice…turn him sideways…blah blah

  5. “Dinklage, I don’t care if that TV show made you a star. You signed a contract. Don’t make me send your stand-in inside to kick your ass.”

  6. Alex

    What is this movie? The prequel to Prometheus? Seems like they’ve been filming this forever.

  7. Crissy

    You mean this isn’t from the next “Twins” movie?

  8. j/k

    Just the idea of the Rock with a bat and a purple mowhawked midget at my door made me pee my pants.

  9. The Rock’s character just found out that he isn’t really an oompa loompa; he was adopted.

  10. It’s like he’s Santa’s bouncer.

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “He says you left him a little short”

  12. R.

    Can you smell?! ‘Cause the Rock is cooking!!

  13. Bigalkie

    Somebody at the brown acid.

  14. Frank Burns

    Its funny because one guy is big and the other guy is small.

  15. Ben Dover

    Please use that bat on the bitch in photo #1

  16. lily

    his body is banginnnnnnnnnn

  17. Joe

    Someone stole your midget? Fuck you, pay me.

  18. JuggNuttz

    The Rock with a bat and a midget with purple hair….. i seen this once before……. in an awesome dream! and if this movie is anything like that dream, this is gonna be hot!

  19. duder

    Making a movie with a midget is the equivalent of someone getting pregnant on a sitcom. It’s almost over, Dwayne.

  20. Midgets, always searching for the rainbow.

  21. the man

    That is one bad M F !!!

  22. “Aw, damn. He fell a little short. I’ll try again with you and I’ll bet I can get you all the way to the third roof over…”

  23. mbcl

    “Miss Ronson here says you owe her some DJ money”

  24. Teaco

    Snookie’s really let herself go

  25. The joaker

    It looks like walking tall but less gay

  26. HollyK

    They shrunk Ricky Gervais! Damn that Willow, I knew he was up to no good.

  27. cc

    Dwarf tossing was bad enough…now they are throwing them in the air and hitting them with a bat?

  28. FattyMcGee

    Pictured; The Rock and what appears to be Rosie O’Donnell after having been left in the dryer too long.

  29. Looks like he just saw Snooki coming.

  30. squishy

    Show me the roaches little man!!

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