1. Homer Simpson

    Mmmmmm Dufffff

  2. dooood

    she’s really cute as a milf

  3. Quijibo

    Is she pregnant again already?

  4. Poor Hilary. Jessica gets 4 million for Weight Watchers. I guess you weren’t as big a star as you thought you were.

  5. JPC

    Yep…..that baby ruined her. We will never again see “reasonably-attractive Duff.”

  6. Bigalkie

    Mike Comrie hates himself now.

  7. We

    Has my GF’s body. I better get an ept.

  8. Joe

    Give hew six more months. She’ll have become quite MILFtastic.

  9. Colin

    Jessica Simpson’s sister, BlowJay Simpson.

  10. nillywilly

    Looks like Duffs got some stuff

  11. Try your beast to keep your pregnancy boobs.

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