1. Pretty sure any hippie would be OK with having this one shot… in public… with grenade launchers…

  2. BigDaddy


  3. Johnny P!

    Cher fucked an Ewok?!?

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Adam and Jamie test the myth you can find a fat woman’s vagina by rolling her in flour

  5. JC

    My 7-year-old niece is gonna be pissed when she finds out that Snooki stole the canopy from her bed.

  6. My god, it’s full of spores!

  7. Cher X

    Hey remember when she took a picture of herself without make-up and she looked 10,000 times prettier?

    Yeah, the positive feedback had no effect on her what-so-ever…

  8. Thanks Fish, I nearly had forgotten this thing existed.

  9. EricLr

    Another successful shopping trip to Whores-R-Us.

  10. Animal

    I can’t be the only one who’d like to tap that.

  11. Quijibo

    Nice shoes, asshole.

  12. Somehow a teepee seems perfect

  13. she carryin that kid in her tits or what?

  14. And so it begins…

  15. theoriginal LJ

    When I first glanced at this picture, I immediately thought that this is what Ron Jeremy must look like in drag. Then I realized it was Snooki.

  16. SOB

    someone went a little overboard with the implants …

  17. Chupois


  18. lily

    shes going to break those shoes.

  19. Ballantine (fem)Ale

    Its like each body part is in a different style-time zone.

  20. lowercase_ryan

    Kill. It. With. Fire.

  21. What in the sweet merciful fuck is going on in this picture?

  22. cc

    If you don’t solve the riddle, you can’t cross her bridge.

  23. CK

    Hippie Hippopotamus.

  24. Archie Leach

    This is why they hate us.

  25. Blech

    As long as she doesn’t rip off all her clothing, dancing in public view… under warm rain… during this PCP trip of hers, we’ll be OK.

  26. At least she’s in New Jersey where she belongs…

  27. spartacus

    That’s no moon!

  28. Napoupi

    She’s got it all wrong, you need to carry the baby in your tummy !

  29. That is the look of a woman who just shat herself.

  30. Cher X

    She looks like a fun house mirror version of Cher from the 70′s.

  31. pretty trauma

    johnny depp needs to lay off the e donuts.

  32. mrsmass

    a trip to Gap Maternity would do this thing a world of good.

  33. suckmyladydick

    and suddenly those appocalypse 2012 believer nutbags don’t seem so crazy. I guess this is what the Mayans foresaw…

    I’d stop documenting time too if I had a vision that one day centuries from now a creature this vile would not only exist, but manage to reproduce. Sorry Earth you had a good run, you survived the plague that is humanity for much longer than anyone would have expected, but you are no match for THE SNOOK-BAYBAH!

  34. Erzulie

    She looks like a disco gypsy

  35. Snooki want smush smush.

  36. Stealth

    I still think she and Miss Piggy were separated at birth.

  37. hbw

    I’m pretty sure this is the only time she’s only had one boy inside her at a time.

  38. Another_Mike

    My god her feet are huge

  39. electrcguy

    Is that Herman Munster?

  40. Ols

    She’s already wearing the Jessica Simpson Full Term line. Where do you go from there for the next six months?

  41. anonym

    daaaaamn. so sexxxy !!

  42. Pink Slime

    Honey, it gon’ take more than a tablecloth and your man’s cheetah print banana hammock to look important.

  43. Mo Nikita

    Herman Munster had an affair with Maria Shriver’s maid long before Arnold…this is the proof.

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