1. The douche does not fall far from the uhh…. king douche?
    Yeah, let’s go with that…

  2. Please Will beat the living shit out of Jaden so his suit matches your s, BLOOD RED!

  3. Nonnie Moose

    “Who the hell is MC Hammer?”

  4. Jesus, you can’t even punch the confusion of that kid’s face.

  5. writes social blogs incessantly

    “Son, we have enough money so you can do whatever you want , and we can buy friends for you , even wearing a fake Iron Man suit .
    If you find a big enough female famewhore , you might even get laid , Might , I said “

  6. Batu Khan

    Just how much drug was in the parents’ system when they made this kid?! Can’t remember a single photo where he doesn’t look retarded.

  7. AngryUnicorn54

    Will Smith consoles his son after Jaden learns that his mother has a penis.

  8. He always has that asshole look on his fucking face. If you don’t want to hit him Will, I’ll do it.

  9. “Daddy, what does ‘suckling at your teats’ mean?”

  10. JosephusBlow

    I hate that kid! I want to hold him down and shave his eyebrows off!

  11. MFer

    If that dumb ass kid keeps making that stupid expression, he’s going to have more permanent lines on his forehead than Danny Trejo has on his entire face.

  12. catapostrophe

    Jaden be all like, “Parents just don’t understand.”

  13. Jaden is the Fresh Bitch of Bel Aire.

  14. Okay, one kid is a permanent mouthbreather and the other one recorded “Whip My Hair.” Since they’ve already had their do-over, the only thing left for Will and Jada is sterilization before it happens again.

  15. Chris

    God Damn!!!! Does that little fucker have any other expression????

  16. Thank god there’s no nepotism in Hollywood.

  17. “You have something to say little man?”
    “I’m sorry for everything… Being a douche, my shitty acting, this outfit everything!”

  18. Little Tongue

    Is Will actually punching his son in the face? He is? Good.

  19. both fugly. clearly his genes were dominant

  20. CK

    I’m bringing a bottle of rum with me to see this movie. The guy in the back of the theater laughing his ass off and cursing at the screen every time this fucktard is up there is me.

  21. Helena Handbasket

    One of us, One of us, gooble goggle, gooble, goggle

  22. Probably saw the rankings for this shit movie on Rotten Tomatoes. It is at 11%. There is a God.

  23. “Listen, Jaden, you ain’t no gangsta and that jacket you’re wearing cost $1800. Now pull your fucking pants up or I’ll bust open your head…Oh, and get your goddamn hair cut and quit breathing with your mouth open!”

  24. It’s official, that kid can make no other facial expression.

  25. If you told me that you Photoshopped the drool out of this photo, i would totally believe you.

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