1. Chris Christie to Fiddy, Tiger, and Russell Simmons: “Hey, when you guys said we were going after some cream pies, I thought you meant literally.”

  2. Batu Khan

    He looks pissed. Must be an after-movie shot.

  3. JosephusBlow

    Poor guy looks like MaryJo Buttafucko.

  4. Flashbacks of having sex with Chelsea Handler?

  5. LLBL

    Can sumudy tell me where da mufuggin white girlz be at?

  6. Vlad

    Aw Will Smith owes me a lot more than fity cent after watchin that shit.

  7. Face confirms the shitty reviews.

  8. “Not only was that movie the shits, but that popcorn tasted like Will Smith’s asshole.”

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