1. Batu Khan

    He really needs to stop this. His image can’t take any more hits.

  2. He’s fucked Michelle Williams. He’s got to be doing something right.

  3. BP

    What a loser, he should be drving a Ferrari!

  4. Dear Lord! This guy must really hate pussy!

  5. He’s finally headed back from wherever he grew that beard.

  6. Make fun all you want, but we need more of this and less of Bieber rolling through his neighborhood at 105 MPH.

  7. I can’t look at this thing without imagining it sounding like the hovercars from ‘The Jetsons.”

  8. Could be worse. Could be a moped.

  9. I’ll bet the iPod is not blasting “Born to be Wild”.

  10. LLBL

    On the set of the Quadrophenia reboot or a Mod in real life?

  11. Joey JoJo

    Does he call the paps every time he gets on that fucking thing? We get it, already.

  12. Scooters are incredibly fun and a great way to get around a city. And this is coming from a guy who owns a supersport. Two wheels are always more fun than four.

    • Yeah, just as long as you don’t have to go faster than 35 mph or go anywhere on a freeway. Plus, when you get hit by an SUV, it will throw you far enough out of the way that you avoid the carnage.

  13. Yep, still a fucktard douche.

  14. Meh. I’d go for a guy on one of these than some arrogant fuckwit in a giant SUV or cockpensation sports car any day. Better for the environment and convenient as hell. They were everywhere in Japan, it wasn’t a big deal at all.

    The *only* reason it’s an issue here is because guys are too busy holding their dicks and looking in the mirror, worrying about if they look macho enough.

    Points for him for not giving a fuck.

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