1. dudelookslikealady

    “Do these sunglasses make my butt-chin look big?”

  2. You fat fuck, you

  3. Nonnie Moose

    I think you meant “Jay Leno”.

  4. On location, filming the Kelly Clarkson biopic.

  5. She’s transforming into Austin Powers before our very eyes.

  6. Cock Dr

    I don’t often advocate plastic surgery but she is awfully young to have such fat jowls.

  7. angerinside

    Well…. looks like someone is about to start punching back up dancers again.

  8. They’ve officially changed the definition of “demi” to no longer mean “half-sized.”

  9. Wait, you mean Kelly Osbourne right? Jeeeesus!

  10. Still a bit jowly, but otherwise I think Hillary Clinton’s plastic surgery looks good.

  11. Anyone feel like bowling?

  12. Wow, HBO went all out hiring a Liberace lookalike for the press junkets.

  13. LLBL

    Ok, let’s do an F Marry Kill. Demi Lovato, Demi Moore, and Demi Delia (google it). And go.

  14. me

    Groovy Baby! I’m back as a woman!

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