1. john


  2. You can bring a ‘Real Doll’ to these things? That’s really going to save Corey Feldman some bucks.

  3. Why did she decide to wear her curtains to a premier?

  4. Nurse Ratchet is WAY more mellow no that she’s sneaking into the Thorazine.

  5. Motorboat Captain

    Looks like somebody needs to put the silver spoon down.

  6. Angela Unkrich raided the old Three’s Company set and took home Mrs. Ropers wardrobe.

  7. LLBL

    Knockoff sunglasses: $10, Thrift shop black wig: $5, Two sets of the biggest foam butt pads: $30, Having this year’s Halloween costumes figured out: Priceless.

  8. “Why are we at this piece of crap movie?”
    “I used to work with a guy that’s in it. He gets all passive aggressive if I skip these things. He says it makes him look likeable.”

  9. So he is dating the Small Wonder robot doll now. 80s sitcom love.

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