1. “Uhm hummm yeah right that’s Kanye’s baby… psshhh it’s probably a mix of several NBA teams…”

  2. MrG

    That black lady’s expression is perfect!

  3. Insert any joke in thought bubble over Black women starting at that Cow’s HUGE Udder! Moooo!

  4. Both of them are disgusted with Kim’s taste for black men, albeit for different reasons.

  5. Batu Khan

    - So, you eat it?
    - What??!! NO! You raise and take care of him.
    - So you raise it THEN you eat it?

  6. Visible Ink

    Smart looking kid. He’ll make 200 grand a year easy. But if you want more money out of him you better get a specialist. Here is my mother’s business card.

  7. Turns out black women’s eyes are very expressive as well.

    If that’s not saying “bitch, you fat”, then I don’t know my black lady looks.

  8. Cock Dr

    Her face, which used to be somewhat pretty, has been stretched and morphed into a Play-Dough plastic surgery nightmare.
    Everything below is a total write off.

  9. So this is how Jabba met his tiny little laughing friend. I always wanted to have that backstory.

  10. Usually the look on the black chicks face is reserved for people looking at Kim K pictures.

  11. “Wait, the babies get BIGGER? How am I supposed to keep it in my purse?”

  12. What’s nice is that the baby is already learning to read from the graffiti lining her uterus. Phrases like “Ray Jay was here,” “Property of Kanye,” and “No sonogram allowed without the advanced written consent of the NBA.”

  13. “We use to think you were a stupid whore and a joke until you got pregnant . Now we think you are a stupid pregnant whore and a joke! Ain’t that right Cheryl?”
    “Mmm hmm!”

  14. LLBL

    “Aw hell no bitch, I wanted the Kanye Baby!”

  15. CK

    The sun is behind you. Why are you shading your eyes?
    Drama bitch.

  16. Jenn

    They say she’s still using Botox even while pregnant. She’s gonna pop out the first zombie, ugh, Kimpocalypse.

  17. cc

    She paid those people to stand and talk to her. You know that right?

  18. The black chick’s face says it all, nothing more needs to be said.

  19. “I just hope when I give birth the baby is definitely mine.”

  20. “Bitch need to be doin’ some crunches.”

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