1. john

    DAT ASS!!!!!

  2. That’s right rub that Ass and you will have good luck my friend!

  3. richie


  4. Keno

    Want to touch the hiney…

  5. Reach out and touch it, dude. We know you want to.

  6. “what’s wrong with this TV? All the channels are this same fruit show”

  7. He’s uncertain about the greatest opportunity of his life. Damnit! Do it, man! Do it!

  8. Gently… gently… Menounos’ are known to spook easily.

  9. She’s heading right to the Fresh Fruit Bukake stand.

  10. The Pope

    There are few things worth going to jail for. That is one of them.

  11. So all I have to do is slide my credit card like so and she’ll do that hyena cackle? Of course you’ll also be billed ยข99.

  12. ash

    Loved Maria on Howard! Love the goat laugh!

  13. That ass is a hand magnet.

  14. it is SUCH a pleasure to meet your ass

  15. cc

    Poor thing, she mistook her phone for a remote and is trying to change the fruitwagon into a chiptruck.

  16. Pretty much the reaction I would have.

  17. “Hey, honey, let’s go *pat*pinch*rub*squeeze* over to the…OH GOD! I’m SO sorry, Miss. I thought you were my wife…(YESSSSSS! Thank you, God!)”

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