1. Smapdi

    Something about this isn’t quite cricket.

  2. Wait, those things aren’t just for spankings during rush week? there’s a game too?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    No matter what happens here, someone is getting balls in the face.

  4. Sadly, six children died in the aftermath. God speed, little sires of England. God speed.

  5. Eric

    Donald Trump vs. John Edwards, playing cricket for dummies

  6. BP

    Don’t they know about the “Black Mayor Rule” over there in England and Canada, WTF!

  7. Great, they’ve managed to make Cricket look gayer.

  8. The Al Quaeda operative in the background was like, “All I did was paint the grenade read. They did the rest for me.”

  9. At first I thought that blue pin he’s wearing was a ping pong ball, and I was going to write, “Not pictured: Winona Ryder.”

  10. he practices that face in a mirror every chance he gets.

  11. This could be a poster for the Special Olympics.

  12. Jerkface

    “When you mentioned a gaggle of young boys and me cracking their balls, I had something DIFFERENT in mind….”

  13. cc

    Fuck you buddy, we have Rob Ford.

  14. Those poor little boys have no idea what is going to happen to them next.

  15. Without the caption, I would have read this as Gary Busey attempting to hit a cricket ball thrown by Kevin Costner, while a crowd of children led by Elijah Wood look on.

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