1. Johnny Sack

    I’d love to show my weiner to Gretchen Weiners

  2. Ooh… yes please!

  3. Still as beautiful as ever. Ironically, Lindsay Lohan is the only train wreck to come out of “Mean Girls” It’s a tossup for me between her and Amanda Seyfried as the hottest woman in that movie.

    And as much as I like Amanda (and I do like her a lot), I’m leaning towards Lacey here.

  4. JimBB

    Not bad for a 42-year-old.

  5. DoinkTheClown

    Mmmmm midget cleavage…

  6. kravdan

    Shut up original Meg.

  7. Always loved her, she is super cute.

  8. dennis

    I remember back in the day she was considered the low rent Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Funny she’s still in the business and Jennifer Love Hewitt is the one out of it.

  9. So…It’s blue, right?

  10. Lou Braccant

    My one true love, just stunning!!

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