1. Flatliner

    Ed obviously didn’t take his dosage for the day.

  2. Ed Harris in “The Terry Richardson Story”

  3. shortly before he broke both femurs and his lower back.

  4. Weapon of Choice.

  5. This is right after Chris Hansen stepped out from behind a door.

  6. That young whippersnapper is gonna regret setting foot on his lawn.

  7. JimBB

    That Eastwood has insulted my chair FOR THE LAST TIME!!

  8. Jack Hoff

    He was awsome in “The Rock”

  9. It looks more like Ed Harris wearing an Ed Harris mask.

  10. ” Awww crap the kid farted !!”

  11. sheet flow

    This kid’s farts is as lethal as VX gas!

  12. Ed Harris looks just like John Savage in that photo – remember Day of the Robot???

  13. Clint Eastwood biopic

  14. Jesus, isn’t he like 100 now?

  15. cc

    He’s chasing the bully that keeps beating up that kid.

  16. “Uncle Eddie, my dad is home early.”

  17. “Dad, you’ve been doing that pose for two hours. How much longer till we can have lunch?”

  18. JO JO

    Ive always wanted to lick him… I still do difference is i wouldnt tell anyone about it now.

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