1. I guess this means he’s a catcher.

  2. Dis how real doll talk.

  3. ultra

    Tom, very “convincingly” calling out “No homo!”

  4. Helena Handbasket

    Gee, I wonder how his jaw got so flexible?

  5. “Coooooooock!”

  6. “Nope, no reason why I’m standing in front of the YMCA making this face. No reason at all,”

  7. JimBB

    Well, I’m off to the rest are….I mean movie set.

  8. Photoshoppers – begin.

  9. Jack Hoff

    (insert penis here)

  10. Come on fish.

    Now you are just tossing us lob balls.

  11. Swearin

    Oh no, cover your ears! He’s speaking aloud the Forgotten Words of Klapnor! It will summon the Galactic Riders of the Seventh Nebula, who shall bring about Ragnarok! Vaginas will be wiped from existence, women only fit to serve aboard the Prophet’s yachts, where the Penis Priests will convert the men-folk into service of the Prophet and his acolyte, the Travoltar.

  12. Don Draper's Dad


  13. I am ready, bring it.

  14. I don’t play slow pitch ball Tom

  15. Vlad


  16. MZ MIZRY

    that pose is copyrighted kim kartrashian.
    pay up cruise.

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