1. George P Burdell

    Mario did not know what he was in for when he paid for the ultimate cougar experience.

  2. The new Harold & Maude reboot looks so badass!!

  3. “These gay boys always have the softest skin.”

  4. JimBB

    Hey if you want to come up to my room later, I’ll definitely thank you for being a friend.

  5. “But you don’t smell like tacos. I was raised to think you people smelled like tacos.”

  6. “Look at that! She’s draining the life force right out of him. Anybody getting this on video? This is remarkable…”

  7. fuckface


  8. “This one will give me a decade at least, I can sense it…”
    “What was that, abuelita?”
    “I was just saying your skin is so soft and smooth!”

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