1. it had to be said

    Margaret Cho?

  2. She looks Asian, lay off the cosmetic surgery. When will they learn the MJ look doesn’t start your “career ” again.

  3. Solo! Solo! Too Nakma Noya Solo!

  4. ultra


    Wow, wtf?!?!

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Is there something Wayne Newton isn’t telling us?

  6. Flatliner

    I don’t think she is pregnant…more like she finally had enough of Snookie and ate her. Kind of like a surgically enhanced python swallowing a pig.

  7. Ronaldo

    JWOOOOOOW what happened to you!!

  8. More like “JWHOA!” now.

  9. Whatever people will come up with here, ‘gonna be hard to beat TMZ on this one…

    LIL KIM – WOWWING NYC With Her Baby Bump

  10. Oh look, Billy… a “celebrity”!

  11. George P Burdell


  12. snugglevision

    Kimora Lee?

  13. This is why god invented doggystyle.

  14. Swearin

    I think she’s turning Japanese, I think she’s turning Japanese, I really think so…

  15. JimBB


  16. Kathleen Turner, today, again?

  17. Jack Hoff

    I’d write something snarky, but I would feel bad just piling-on.

  18. DrX

    I’m no doctor but I’d check for preeclampsia

  19. buzz

    She wasn’t really a looker to begin with but DAMN…how did she turn Asian from banging guidos?

  20. It’s like Wayne Newton and Mickey Rourke somehow had a love child.

  21. bob


  22. CharBroiled

    I think she’s running from Godzilla.

  23. sheet flow

    she looks like a young Roseanne Barr

  24. Jackmac

    Wayne Newton in drag.

  25. Not sure why anyone would be surprised. We all knew this was going to happen.

  26. Beer for thought

    It’s scarey to think how someones looks can depreciate that quickly…she even changed race for god sakes

  27. More chins than a Chinese phonebook:)

  28. kaycee

    oh my goodness….just goodness. how does that happen?? i know most are prone to put on some weight during pregnancy but this seems surreal. man. i hope she’s ok.

  29. Fancy Face


  30. Chaz


  31. Drew

    I thought that was Wayne Newton!

  32. DKaps

    Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

  33. cc


  34. Handsome Matt

    Mickey Rourke in drag?

  35. icu

    JCow is more like it.

  36. sc4play

    Would have bet you good money that was Rosanne Barr!!

  37. This girl actually used to be quite hot and now… now she just makes me sad.

  38. holy fucking shit!

  39. Dafuq? Did she get stung by a bee?

  40. At first I thought this was Amber Portwood, and really isn`t that bad enough?

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