1. Hefner’s always watching over his bitches.

  2. Is she at Hef’s wake?

  3. As I said before, this is all prudent work to document all the stuff she will eventually sell….

  4. It’s like watching the Home Shopping Network. And yes, *everything* in the picture is for sale.

  5. George P Burdell

    Hugh has been dead for six months and no one has notice that she is still cashing his social security checks.

  6. of all his disposable wives, this one’s the ugliest.

  7. The books proved too onerous, didn’t they? Sorry… “hard”.

  8. Anybody want to guess how long it will take her to jump to the next old billionaire when Hef dies?

  9. Oh yeah, work that blur filter.

  10. anonym

    way too much plastic for someone in her 20′s.

  11. That looks says to me “hey I just gave Hef a nice warm milk and ambian colada”. Come on over.

  12. those fake fuckin hollywood barbie noses are SO GROSS

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