1. His chef’s pants are so versatile.

  2. Deacon Jones

    “I’ll tell ya, those Thai ladyboys we picked up on the weekends while filming Hangover 2 are fucking crazy. They give head like this:”

  3. Short_Bus_13

    Just followed the glitter trail out of the closet to Clay Aikins tea party

  4. Any Guy

    this shit eating grin brought to you by Olivia Wilde’s lack of good taste in men.

  5. skeetskeet

    Lucky him! You know those Germans are known for their sense of humor. Great crowd.

  6. Hmm. This isn’t what I was referring to when yesterday I said I liked his smile. I went on about how sexy I find him and today he looks like he fell out of the gay tree and got fucked by every man on the way down :(

  7. UnholyKrep

    “I see some frauleins that want to sign… my… TEETH!”

  8. Not pictured: The ping pong ball ejected towards Bradley’s mouth.

  9. hbw

    I hope to God that this pose is not included in the credits with Zach.

  10. Those Bradley Cooper clocks with the moving eyes are even creepier than the cat ones.

  11. At least someone laughed.

  12. Brennan Haley

    I’m guessing it was the next frame where you see the penis enter right.

  13. “Ohhhh mah golly gosh Zachsies! You don’t sayyyy!” The Zellweger effect, turning hot men gay since 1998.

  14. Linds

    See: Monkey from Toy Story 3

  15. Balou

    “GURRRL!! You are looking fierce AND fabulous!”

  16. Anna

    he lives with his mom

  17. Cock Dr

    Why do I get the impression that he would fuck or be fucked by anyone in order to advance his so-called career?
    It was that Zellweger thing I suppose.

  18. bk

    “Oh mah gaaad!”

  19. It had to be said

    Proof that Halle Berry’s haircut can look good on ANYONE!

  20. Charmless Man

    “Did someone say COOOOOCK?”

  21. Steelerchick


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