1. Hello, my name is Lorenzo Lamas and I’ve come to date rape your daughter.

  2. +1

    Sanjaya Gupta, M.D.

  3. I hope this inspires Donald Trump to modify that time capsule he wears on his head.

  4. “I am Sanjaya…I come to…oh, how you say…rape you face?”

  5. skeetskeet

    He got cab fare! Yay!

  6. Faces of Valet Parking

  7. UnholyKrep

    Did they say SanJonas Malakar? Nah, too much gap between the brows- never mind.

  8. RHawk

    “Welcome to the Scottish Inn. The room will be $20 for the hour.”

  9. billybigdong

    Taking douche to a whole new level.

  10. Asoto


  11. That guy coaches my son’s soccer team, which is strange, because he doesn’t have a kid on the team… wonder what’s in it for him.

  12. some guy

    Holy crap – they found someone gayer than Adam Lambert.

    I’d totally do his sister though – she’s slammin hot. What kind of messed up world is it where this queen stays in the limelight and his sister’s huge rack pulls a 1-and-done? What a shame.

  13. TomFrank

    And you all thought nothing could be stupider than Adam Lambert’s hairdo.

  14. lemon

    That smile says, don’t ask me what I would do for another 30 seconds of fame…

  15. That hairline is receding so fast I can hear it.

  16. cc

    Is that what they are wearing at gas bars these days?

  17. 70′s Indian Robert Picardo

  18. DeucePickle

    That is one serious comb-forward

  19. Holy shit – I just bought a Slurpee and a Slim Jim from this guy today, and I didn’t even recognize him.

  20. SIN

    He is the one who gave Adam Lambert his hair “gel”.

  21. SIN

    Its Apu!!! Thank you very much. Move along.

  22. The Critical Crassness

    How the rest of us see Perez Hilton….weird hairdo and a smile that says, “I’m fatasizing about myself, Justin Bieber and Zac Ephron in a three-way.”.

  23. fooey

    All I know about this guy is his memoir crowds the one shelf of books at my local Dollar Tree

  24. lerxt

    McLovin’s really let himself go…

  25. Wow, it takes a lot to look gayer than Adam Lambert.

  26. I’ll park it myself, thanks.

  27. cc

    Somewhere a cruise ship employee is waking up going ‘Where the hell are my pants?!’

  28. It had to be said

    Nice pants. It’s not Memorial Day yet, assclown.

  29. Charmless Man

    He’s a gay Indian Billy-Bob Thornton.

  30. George Zimmer

    I told you you’re going to like the way you look!

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