1. Nothing says flaming quite like the Heat Miser look.

  2. Codot

    The man looks like a gay treasure troll.

  3. bitch*please

    Huh. I wonder when Jessica Szohr got her hair cut?

  4. This is WAY gayer than men having sex with other men.

  5. Satan's bitch

    Queerest Hershey’s kiss in the bag.

  6. Hugh Gentry

    99.99% sure he’s wearing a butt plug

  7. skeetskeet

    I thought Suzanne Pleshette died five yrs ago.

  8. This episode of American Idol brought to you by Dragonball Z.

  9. awhpewp.

    gay count chocula?

  10. kitty

    Eddie Munster Returns!

  11. Clearly took hairstyling tips from “There’s Something About Mary”.

  12. Bill Kaulitz wannabe.

  13. So this is the demographic they were targeting when they designed the Treasure Troll butt plug.

  14. boomerbabe

    Ke$ha WISHES she looked this good.

  15. Brennan Haley

    His hair stylist used to work at Dairy Queen, I’m guessing.

  16. cc

    Why would he want to go to this and remember what it was like to be famous for 5 minutes?

  17. Gothic Gay Gogeta groping his groupies in glam

  18. vlad

    Gay Goku

  19. SIN

    We all know what he uses to spike his har.

  20. The Critical Crassness

    Perez Hilton’s fantasy image of himself….

  21. And the gay rights movement gets set back another 50 years.

  22. fooey

    Bride of Frankenstein tarted herself up for this shindig

  23. Sangriatic

    No. Only Don King can pull off frosted-tips.

  24. Elf

    “Is the Robert Smith of the Cure lookalike contest this way?”

  25. Elle

    Hi hair is running away from his face.

  26. Charmless Man

    Can I please never see or hear of this person again?

  27. Nooken

    The Fantastic Four have become the Fabulous Five with the introduction of The Human Douche, Flame on!

  28. Simole

    He looks like a gay cyborg sent back from the future to destroy all hetrosexuals.

  29. HeartAttack

    His hair alone could get charged for rape and treason.

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