1. Fergie and the Fergettes.

  2. She looks pretty good for 50. Unfortunately, she’s 36.

  3. Deryn

    Looks like one of ‘em’s trying to make a getaway.

  4. Any Guy

    was she acting black or white for the occasion? either way, HOLY FAT FACE.

  5. Hugh Gentry

    I’m not into trannys, but I’d do that one!

  6. UnholyKrep

    FiFi awards, or Fido awards?

  7. hbw

    If she bends over she can tittyfuck herself.

  8. Cam

    Believe it or not folks that’s the most emotion her face can express these days.

  9. I guess Hurley is playing the prison bitch in the new TV series, Alcatraz.

  10. timmy the dying boy

    Can’t you just show us Halle Berry again?

  11. Mac

    Ok we get it the before picture is awful but where’s the after?

  12. Manthou Artdust

    Turtle neck

  13. The pumped-up breasts and turkey neck almost distract from the fact that she has the good looks of John Travolta.

  14. Brennan Haley

    Usually when fembots look distracted like that, their nipples are protruding in order to scan for enemy agents. Babeeee.

  15. cc

    Did you know that cheap porcelain veneers are actually made of formica?

  16. Full on Monet. Zoom that camera back at least 300 more feet please.

  17. PTFunk

    Face. Still. Busted.

  18. fartbucket

    just keep the Christie Brinkley pics coming :)

  19. The Critical Crassness

    Did she just visit Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgeon…..botox face is so non-expressive but her boobs say, “Come and get us!!”.

  20. Sangriatic

    I loved him on RuPaul’s Drag race! I was kinda sad when he sashayed away. :(

  21. Elf

    I see Kirstie Alley is gaining weight again.

  22. cc

    I suggest that for future Fergie posts you use a different font. Based on my experience with Powerpoint, I suggest Baskerville Old Face.

  23. Charmless Man

    She looks like that “hot” woman from your church that everybody gossiped about.

  24. snarl

    linda hamilton

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