1. blah

    strutting proudly after not impregnating january jones on the set of x-men.

    • Jenny with a Y

      If he’s anything like the Michael Fassbender that I dated in high school, he’s got a 4 and a half inch dick and a nasty case of premature ejaculation is more likely to end in a ruined sweater than a pregnancy.

      And it was my favorite sweater, too…

  2. crap

    That’s Dennis Leary!

  3. UnholyKrep

    Agent Smith takes a holiday from the Matrix.

  4. Ewan is that you? Where’s the scarf?

  5. It’s not often that you see Ellen without Portia right by her side.

  6. cc

    You can tell it’s Dennis Leary because he’s being not funny.

  7. SIN

    Who? Never heard of douche.

  8. Cici

    Sex on a stick is what this man is… sex on a stick

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