1. Johnny99

    So this is what the stylish bag lady will be wearing this fall season!

  2. TyroneBiggums

    Which one killed Heath Ledger?

  3. Shady Pines, ma

    Sophie Petrillo, yo

  4. ingress

    from the West Side Jew collection …

  5. She’s in mourning for her muscle tissue and subcutaneous fat.

  6. Grammy!! Grammy!! I thought you were dead…Wait. That’s not my Grandma.

  7. Ah those Olsen twins…putting the lie to “twins are sexy” yet again.

  8. Satan's bitch

    GawdDAMN it! All those billions of dollars wasted on the friggin’ grandma twins!

  9. skeetskeet

    Why’s there a seam where her leg and foot meet?

  10. RHawk

    I am sure I dropped it around here. Where can my precious be?

  11. Jenny with a Y

    Somewhere an old woman is being forced into a nursing home because no one believes her when she tells them about the cackling blonde demon-twins that have descended upon her closet and run off with most of her wardrobe.

    “Oh, poor Grandma,” they’ll say, “the dementia’s really getting to her.”

  12. Jon Hex

    So when exactly did the Olsens give up?

  13. timmy the dying boy

    She always looks like she’s going to a funeral.

  14. some guy

    One day the Olsen twins will prove for once and for all that bullemia can be put to good use and kill these fugly hags.

  15. Ismoss

    Who died and left you…..

  16. I wonder if she smells like piss and perfume too. Hard candy in her purse?

  17. LJ

    I thought that Rudy Giuliani got rid all the crackwhore trannies from Times Square in the 1990s?

    Looks like Bloomberg is letting them back.

  18. If she wore sunglasses even a bit smaller, she wouldn’t have to support her head like that.

  19. Looks like my nonna spent all her money on botox and had nothing left to update her wardrobe.

  20. cc

    She forgot her hijab.

  21. If you don’t see the humor in elf funerals, you need your vitals checked.

  22. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Goth Chick Goes To Church

  23. Grandma!! I missed you, I could of sworn it was you who died 3 years ago in that state-funded facility! No? I am soooo happy!!!

  24. Balou

    My grandma had those same shoes.

  25. The Critical Crassness

    Don’t you usually wait until after death to put on the funereal shroud?

  26. wow @ all that hate. i’d smash that.
    so she can’t dress, about half the women out there can’t.
    rather do mary-kate tho ~ or both at once

  27. Steelerchick

    Maybe she’s in mourning.

  28. Manowl

    Bene Gesserit

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