1. S'right, I said it!

    The ref is blind! And retaining water.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Holy fuck. STOP EATING, WILL YOU?!

    I thought this was a pregnant woman before I clicked on the thumbnail.

    • Bucky Barnes

      She looks like one of those school teachers who gets caught having one a baby by one of her students and keeps sneaking back for more until they put her away.
      Not that there’s anything wrong with that… just sorry I didn’t get to attend a full service school.

  3. So she had to stretch out her shirt a little bit to get it to go over her butt. Give the girl a break.

  4. angerinside

    Hey wanna a blow job for $5….honest, I”ll give you this $5 right here. Just tell me I’m pretty first.
    How about for $10?

  5. Hugh Gentry

    blowjob for a twinkie?

  6. Satan's bitch

    The horizontally striped muumuu-shirt might just be her greatest downfall.

  7. It’s just a weird shirt and bad angle….and weird face…and bad hair…also, she’s getting really fat.

  8. skeetskeet

    Every day the ice cream man thanks her for putting his kids thru college.

  9. The father is Otis Spunkmeyer.

  10. Jill_Ess

    So who’s the daddy? Matthew Vaughn? Arnold Schwarzenegger? My money is on K-Fed.

  11. I get the feeling she is a) horrible in bed and b) a prude

  12. Jon Hex

    Good thing Stabler is retiring because I will commit a sex crime on that ass!

  13. some guy

    god help me, I still want to motorboat her.

    right before putting her out to pasture.

  14. Ismoss

    Aint saying anything bad, love her always will.

  15. “The restaurant just cut me off, if I give you this $100.00, would you go in there and get me three or four pizzas?”

  16. TomFrank

    Heading to Tiffany’s to keep up the deposit on those three wedding rings.

  17. She should just give up and become Amish.

  18. $5? That’s only going to satisfy one of eight, half-dozen donut cravings for the day. Oh, the humanity!

  19. Brennan Haley

    Jennifer Love Handles.

  20. SIN

    The papparazzi took a picture of her, that is why she has to pay them.

  21. fartbucket

    her shirt is like a magic eye puzzle, stare at it long enough and you’ll see a turkey

    …and ham

  22. The Critical Crassness

    It must be horrible to be single, over 30 and so desperate to be pregnant, you wear maternity clothes just to look like you are.

  23. um ok

    weird shirt? bad angl- oh wait.

  24. I’m probably the only one here, but I like her, even though she can’t dress herself. As far as comedy goes, she’s really good so I highly doubt she’s humorless in real life, and I honestly don’t care that she has cellulite or if her weight yoyo’s around – I like to watch her. She really seems like she’d be fun to be around IF she could just drop the marriage baggage and lighten up and be a little less desperate and controlling when it comes to how and when she ever gets engaged.

    • packer dude

      yeah, and seeing her patiently waiting on the ice cream man with her money ready should probably go as well…

  25. She has to stop that ONLY if she’s already selected three different cones to put it in and can’t get past that. Other than that, I’m easy.

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