1. Nice smoking jacket shithead.

  2. what’s the going rate for escorts these days?

  3. Grace

    It’s like their mouths are trying to get away from one another…

  4. Crissy

    That inflatable doll sure looks real… And BTW, wtf is up with her ankles?

    • Humpinfrog

      When they dipped her ass in the spray tan vat, they had to hold on to something. That are Pete Dink had flour on his hands. Could go either way.

  5. it had to be said

    Her knees are uneven. How long does THAT take to happen?

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I’d rather be Corey Haim.

  7. Johnny P!

    At least he’s not in Cannes.

  8. So he’s buying his clothes at the Steven Seagal Store For Silky Douchebags now?

  9. These are two people whom you know, for a fact, have a lack of brain in all the wrong places.

  10. EricLr

    Well, at least it’s not a Real Doll this time.

  11. Cock Dr

    That’s the kind of girl you bring home to meet your mother….on Halloween or April Fool’s Day.

  12. She must be pissed, as the other escorts got their picture taken with Clinton.

  13. I'mCool

    Next time, less Corey Feldman, more Kenny FUCKING Powers!

  14. Chinny

    I think his Fembot froze up.

  15. K-Tron

    Never ever go full Sheen.

  16. pretty vacant

    too. cool. for. school. bro.

  17. Coyote

    Were does he get whore money

  18. tlmck

    Is Charlie Sheen bankrolling this guy?

  19. Still livin” off that “meatballs 4″ money I see

  20. He’s like a fun-sized Charlie Sheen.

  21. dontlooknow

    And next year I’m gonna bring Malibu Barbie!

  22. Bonky

    The daughters of women who used to call the “Cory and Cory Hotline” met up in a bar in West LA to take pictures alongside of the remaining Cory.

  23. His ex-wife, Susie, was much better looking. Led me to believe he either has way more money than anyone suspects or else he’s hung like a fucking Clydesdale.

  24. Kitty


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