1. Pants would be good for you dear.

  2. mrsmass

    i’m on the fence here as to what is more disgusting: her legs or her tit ripple.

  3. Joe

    This is the living embodiment of someone who should google themselves.

  4. Minky Wail

    Her skirt has snagged on her scales.

  5. There’s a special circle in Hell for whoever reanimated the corpse of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

  6. it had to be said

    Ha ha. Wow. Instant cure for boneritis.

  7. Johnny P!

    Shame when your pair of kneecaps distracts from you pair of bolt-ons.

  8. Crissy

    Ok, and for everybody who wondered what happens to grandmas who’s had implants…. This is what happens!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  9. catapostrophe

    I happen to think she looks fabulous for her age.

    (She’s 350 years old–correct?)

    • Vanessa

      When you can see the breast implant clearly through your ancient skin, it means you’re too skinny, too old and too created to expose yourself anymore.

    • [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/25/cb-340_340.jpg[/img]
      Christie Brinkley is older than Janice Dickinmouth. No excuses for looking like the crypt keeper at 57.

  10. I thought wax melted in the sun.

  11. EricLr

    Another delightfully horrible Rick Baker creation!

  12. SOB

    Wrong , on too many levels,

  13. theoriginal LJ

    A role model for 60 year old strippers everywhere.

  14. popwilleatitself

    This is the epitome of not dressing your age.

  15. kimmykimkim

    No no no no no no no NO!

  16. K-Tron

    I think this is what they refer to as “mutton dressed as scary whore”.

  17. CranAppleSnapple

    Me= The guy from Scanners

  18. pretty trauma

    i never thought i would be so happy to stick a pen in each of my eyeballs before.
    thank you janice.

  19. Blech


    Know who this looks like? J-Woww… in like ten years.

  20. So, no one bothered to tell her that her hairdo looks like the head of a cock? Awesome.

  21. zomgbie

    Janice, whoever ur “yes” person is,
    u need to them a raise.

  22. Coyote

    My Eye’s. My Eye’s

  23. Please Fish, we surrender. You can post all the Heidi Montag pics you want. Just please make it stop.

  24. 805fatty

    her knees look like an old man’s balls

  25. mbcl

    somewhere there’s an ostrich with no legs.

  26. She looks like Bruce Dickenson

  27. EricLr

    Oh god, I can’t feel my eyes!

  28. Her pantyhose are saggy.

  29. Pierce Bronzetan

    A TRUE fashion icon. No detail goes unnoticed. Even her tit ripple matches her jacket texture.

  30. dontlooknow

    Oh just go away, you dried up hag with your scary knees.

  31. Kim Jong Kadashian

    MMMM love me some Manute Bol foster mom

  32. “When taking Viagra, should your erection last more than four hours just look at this picture of Janice Dickinson.”

  33. Lou Poo

    A scene from “Death Becomes Her”.

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