1. Johnny P!

    Vadge pits.

  2. So this is what -4% body fat looks like.

  3. kimmykimkim

    Because there are no boobs to look at here – holy fuck – shouldn’t you censor that underarm vulva?

  4. karlito

    is it just me or doesn’t she look like some “dragon lady” from a really bad Vietnamese movie. she doesn’t even look like a black woman anymore.

  5. pretty scary

    looks like one side of her face is sliding off.

  6. bananahammock

    I think that’s the chick who jacked me off for $40 bucks at the local rub and tug.

  7. Blech


    Fish is trying to kill me. I know it.

  8. Wow, I can feel the genuine warmth in her smile.

  9. It’s time someone informs her stylist that highlighting a feature that doesn’t exist is detrimental to her appearance.

  10. King Diamond

    Black Demi Moore

  11. They’re making a remake of “Too Wong Foo” starring Chris Rock?!?

  12. Pierce Bronzetan

    She had to leave the red carpet for a second, but later the mummy returned.

  13. dontlooknow

    Hairy armpits? Check. Breastbone showing? Check? Jeri-Curl? Check. Okay, feel free to snap away…..

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