1. Crissy

    New scientific breakthrough…. Mummies are finally brought back to life!!!

    • …A Rose is a Rose by any other name— except when it finds out that cosmetic surgery can be financed for 0% down and then it turns into a…..???

      • Grand Poobah

        Fashion fail………….everything else fail too…

      • karlito

        another botched plastic surgery job in Hollywood. you’d think with their money and fame they’d find someone who knows what the hell their doing. Priscilla Presley had her surgery done in Mexico and look at what happened to her. she looks like the Joker with boobs.

      • Ollie

        She was in a car accident and had plastic surgery afterwards.

      • I don’t quite buy that story; heard it before, from her, addressing all the talk about it, and it sounded way too convenient, because she was upset about it after she was seen posing like a bombshell with fucked up fish lips and got a rash of shit on the interwebs about it. Weak damage control.

      • tlmck

        I think it was more like she ran over her plastic surgeon afterwards.

      • Cher X

        A cut under one of her eyes wouldn’t do that to her entire face. It might have happened but that’s not what did her mouth, lips, both eyes and cheeks.

        Besides “reconstructive” plastic surgery is designed to make you look like you did before. She doesn’t look anything like herself.

        Nope that’s bad vanity plastic surgery right there.

  2. Face Off, the sequel

  3. Novo

    Someone should tell her that it’s not cool to wash your face with sulphuric acid.

  4. EricLr

    I wonder if there’s a ventriloquist hiding behind her with his hand on her back.

  5. What happened, Rose?! You had pure white, smooth, baby’s-ass skin and full red lips. You were the real life, bitch version of Snow White!

    Oh… and now I scroll past your face to admire the rest *sigh*

    • sonicidal

      She got her face smashed in, or sunglasses pushed into her face during said accident. I don’t think she would have elected to have this shit done to her face.

      • EricLr

        I’m pretty sure the supposed accident was just a cover story for her having a massive amount of plastic surgery.

      • Rose, AKA sonicidal, I think we can all safely assume that the accident didn’t cause the stripper tits, or the stupid little button nose, or the botox, or the lip filler, or the skin peeling, or all the other crap that left her looking like Michael Jackson in drag – - is that redundant?

  6. Oz Matters

    Which leads us to one of lifes great unsolved riddles: If Rose McGowan and Nicole Kidman were in a room at the same time, on who’s forehead would you place the fridge magnet?

  7. SOB

    She used to be hot , now, not so much

  8. kimmykimkim

    Girl, you JUST wore that necklace, like, yesterday. You’re getting your picture taken multiple times throughout multiple days. Change your necklace. And for good measure, your underwear. Yes, daily!

  9. I am so ashamed I use to masturbate to this.

  10. Decomposition is working out well for MJ…

  11. amanda

    I know she was in a car accident, but REALLY?? This was the best modern medicine could do?

  12. smanchwhich

    looks like latoya jackson got that same disease that turns the skin white

  13. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    Ok what happened to Sofia Vergara?

  14. Archie Leach

    Like cokehead lohan, Rose McGowen, has really screwed up her face. BUT the big difference is that McGowen paid serious dollars to ruin a beautiful face whereas cokehead went thru a load of dollars too but was high and drunk as fuck during the time and otherwise got SOMETHING out blowing those dollars in turning her face into bloat ugly while all McGowen got was a ruined face while blowing the dollars for someone to carve her face up with a knife.

  15. SeeAlice

    Wow She has done some serious damage to her face .
    Just another head case .

  16. Aaron

    Why don’t people close to celebs like her TELL THEM TO STOP RUINING THEIR FACES?!

  17. lily

    scary! michael jackson syndrome!

  18. Animal


  19. anonym



  20. Lizard

    God, just when we thought the children were safe, Marilyn Manson had to orchestrate a seance so Michael Jackson could steal Rose McGowan’s body. I see no other explanation.

  21. Stupid

    I’d still fuck her silly!!!!

  22. I do believe it’s time for the propofol.

  23. Without the caption my best guess was LaToya Jackson with a spray tan….damn.

  24. King Diamond

    Pedo Michael Jackson has been dead for a few years now, yet still looks great!

  25. Dramatic Puddle

    Wow. She looks fucking awful.

  26. nameless

    GURLLLLL Laytoya baby, I think ya went a little to extreme with da bleaching lotion! Damn you Jacksons!

  27. dontlooknow

    Rose McGowan VS Melanie Griffith: the worst face-job in Hollywood…

  28. direchef

    The necklace made of Bugles is the topper.

  29. msa

    This girl, for some reason, I feel bad for her. She always looks so sad….I’m guessing because she knows she ruined herself.

  30. barancy peloma

    man, i remember not too long ago, rose used to be pretty damn hot. now, she looks pretty damn scary.

  31. Bobobo

    I couldn’t figure out whether this was a really fucked up Alissa Milano or a really good looking Michael Jackson.

  32. So sad. She was, indeed, incredibly hot. Looks like she had, amongst other things, cheek implants and some sort of clusterfuck on her nose and mouth. Luckily, I’m guessing — hoping, she still has spectacular tits.

  33. Yeah, she’s not what she used to be, but I would still wreck that.

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