1. AAPL made me rich!

    “Barton’s been compromised.. “‘

  2. “That wasn’t Nicole’s pee, dude… You’re welcome”

  3. it had to be said

    “Hey, can I piss on you too?”

  4. Johnny P!

    Guy: “Great movie! Really deep themes… and.. uh.. you looked kinda hot in your underwear in it. So, can I buy you a drink?”
    Zac: **has no script…. no direction… no co-star… draws a blank***

  5. “You smell fabulous.”

  6. EricLr

    Really, an autograph would have been fine…

  7. The moment Zach realized he’s been outed.

  8. SOB

    Where is his douche hat and porn stache? I didn’t think he went anywhere without them?

  9. vgrly

    Cute couple!

  10. “Zac, listen, he is over there. Just tell him what happened between us last night. I’m tired of pretending.”

  11. lily

    hes so not cute anymore.

  12. Drundel

    “I see why Travolta won’t leave you alone.”

  13. “Congrats! You DON’T have a hernia”

  14. dontlooknow

    You’re not gonna see anything looking down his shirt!

  15. Colin

    This isn’t the afterparty. This is foreplay.

  16. “Dude, if you really want to shoot some smack, we should go someplace less public.”

  17. Swearin

    I thought the dude on the left was Josh Hutcherson, at first. In which case, I assumed they were debating who had better sex with Vanessa Hudgens…until they realized neither one actually did.

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