1. Minky Wail

    It’s got to pay better than those hot patch ads.

  2. Crissy

    Somewhere in Stanton lies a naked cop, who got beat up by this bum for his uniform!

  3. Officer Hightower! Officer Hightower! How’s retirement treating you???

  4. Johnny P!

    Oh, what’s done for a paycheck…

  5. He calling his agent because the delivery truck did not have the 34″ rims he asked for.

  6. EricLr

    This movie is going to win SO MANY FUCKING OSCARS!

  7. Frank The Duck

    In an alternate universe without basketball this is what Shaq would have the mentality for – security guard

  8. Essentially how Shaq would have ended up in life, but for his basketball talent.

  9. Jonesy

    I love this guy.

  10. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Grew up and just kept on goin’

  11. This is what Shaq Fu should have looked like

  12. Blech


  13. tlmck

    Typical alert security guard. Lounging around and on his cell phone.

  14. I always wondered what happened to Sho’Nuff after Leroy kicked his ass in “The Last Dragon.”

  15. Everyones losing focus over the real issue here. That they’re actually making a sequel to “Grown Ups”

  16. woodhorse

    Awwww…somebody stole his really big tricycle.

  17. “Do y’all make fried chicken pizza?”

  18. squishy

    “From basketball to this? You gotta get me another gig homie!”

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