1. mrsmass

    just look at his facial expression. if he was any douchier, his name would be Kanye.

    • karlito

      you couldn’t have said that any better. the Smith kids are going to grow up as ignorant, arrogant, demanding spoiled assholes…sorry too late, already happened.

  2. Crissy

    Oh I thought Willow’s hair was just growing out!

  3. Hammer pants are back?

  4. Cock Dr

    Are we sure of the gender here?

  5. Grace

    Well, look who’s shopping for a good slap upside the head… Again.

  6. Johnny P!

    Man, being rich sure sucks… and it’s boring…

  7. EricLr

    Now there is a kid that really needs that bodyguard at school.

  8. Bonky

    “No douchebag, I’m Jaden, do I look anything like my sister? Besides, I’m a boy, I dress differently than she does. Open your eyes.”

  9. Your tongue, My balls.

    The vinegar doesn’t fall far from the douche.

  10. brit

    and then he came up and stole my belt…

  11. Mballs

    Just makes me wanna slap the brows offa him.

  12. smanchwhich

    i remember the first time my mom let me dress myself.

  13. K-Tron

    I don’t know anything about this kid, but just looking at him, I want to kidnap him, take him to a poor village in South America, and force him to do charity work until he stops squinting like that.

  14. CK

    Watchin’ a little too much Third Rock, son?

  15. It’s black Bieber!

    • Bieber should dump Chris Brown and pick up Jayden Smith — start a boys band — “their milkshake brings all the girls to the yard” — and fade away.

  16. Aaron

    Why that face?

  17. MILF

    If only MJ were still alive…that jacket would get this kid an overnight party he’d never forget.

  18. Haddo01

    Wow, the last time I had this reaction was when I first saw Justin Bieber.

  19. I guess this must be the new douchebag uniform

  20. I never thought I’d see someone who deserves a thorough ass kicking half as much as Bieber, and then there’s this guy!

  21. I weep bitterly for the future.

  22. SOB

    I have never wanted to punch a kid in the face until I saw this photo.

  23. Shitz

    The worst part about those pants are that you could try to kick him in the nuts all day and you would never reach the stones.

  24. Coyote

    Yes, daddy does touch me there!

  25. Wasn’t invited. Just waiting around for a kiss on the mouth from Daddy’s reporter friend.

  26. Brooke

    It seems so weird to me that Will Smith is such a people person and so charming and likable in interviews, but his kids are the epitome of brattiness. Every time I see his son I want to smack him upside the head and send him to a corner, but with Will Smith he’d have to work to annoy me. As it is now, I want to pet him on the head and give him my money indirectly through ticket sales for whatever he’s doing. How did charm competely miss his kids? Is his wife a mega-bitch?

    • Jennyjenjen

      His wife is the most arrogant, unpleasant, racist asshole you might ever have the misfortune to cross paths with. She exudes cuntiness from all pores.

    • Fuck The Smiths

      It’s because he didn’t grow up rich & would know how to be a “normal” person. His kids don’t know what because they were born with pimp-spoons in their mouths.

  27. 805fatty

    he looks like a stoned, miniature john legend…

  28. Little Black Men in Black

  29. dontlooknow

    What is wrong with this kid? He is so-o weird looking.

  30. Bigalkie

    Test Tube Baby

  31. Fuck The Smiths

    Just some background on these cunty kids – I saw an interview with Willow when they stupid song of hers came out. She was explaining how she got into singing. She told the interviewer that she told her dad one day that she wanted to be a singer, and then he said, ‘Uh-oh Jada, she wants to be a singer’. And then she was a singer. Just like that. No hard work, no nothing. Her shithead parents bought her a career and she didn’t even seem all that excited about it.

  32. Fix your fucking face!

  33. squishy

    Did someone just wake him up for this???

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