1. catapostrophe

    “Which one of you just called me an orange whore?”

  2. Cock Dr


  3. El Mexicano

    Don’t even hide the nip slip!

  4. Crissy

    “Did I just hear somebody go ‘Moooooooooooo!”?

  5. mrsmass

    it seems as though they let just anyone go to this thing.

  6. Minky Wail

    “To be honest, I’m disappointed. When I heard ‘film festival’ I thought there’d be popcorn.”

  7. Joe

    The Cleveland Browns suck

  8. nick

    If she want’s to see art, I can recommend “Piss Christ.” I think she’ll love that.

  9. it had to be said

    “I can’t believe they’re out of fudge.”

  10. Johnny P!

    I didn’t know they made lipstick in ‘dirty rim-job’ shades…

  11. Bonky

    “No he didn’t piss on me yet, fuck you !”

  12. puddleduck

    She’s about as welcome at Cannes as an outbreak of herpes.

  13. Frank The Duck

    Anyone else hear this when they see a picture of these rug merchants?

  14. Contusion

    Anyone seen Trump? I need more orange.

  15. Greg

    The International orange nipple slippin whore bag has arrived

  16. So the only make-up she wears is Cheeto dust?

  17. popwilleatitself

    Cover it with gas and set it on fire.

  18. kimmykimkim

    Cow teet!

  19. kimmykimkim


  20. smanchwhich

    “Miss Kardashian! Are you aware Kourtney is hotter than you?”

  21. Chinny

    I zoomed in to see if there was a nipple, and then I realized I’ve seen Ray J’s penis in her mouth. I’m an idiot.

  22. Radadoon

    Kanye’s “movie” is just pretex to let Kim show her cans in Cannes and him to believe he is relevant.

  23. CK

    Sex tapes don’t count as indie films.

  24. Why are they in town for a film festival? Are they releasing Kanye and Kim’s pee-pee video?

  25. Dieinafire

    The superficial has the worst commenters. You people are fucking morons.

  26. lily

    radioactive orange, my god she is scary looking what has she done to herself

  27. Ollie

    It’s a dorrito with lower body obesity

  28. Why does she bother to bleach her anus?

  29. tlmck

    Just realized France is full of “haters”.

  30. “Why is Sir Mixalot always following me around?”

  31. dontlooknow

    …”gotta go pee”…

  32. Hey, Kim, where’s your pet lawn jockey?

  33. spartacus


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