1. DeucePickle

    There’s probably not any drugs of any kind in that necklace he has on

  2. Nonnie Moose

    Guy looks like he’s about 2 minutes away from dying of AIDS.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Yeah, I won an Oscar. I’ll come to parties with as many prostitutes as I want.”

  4. Jack Ketch

    Those are some baaaaad bolt-ons.

  5. Sloberdown Mycockyoubitch

    Shit, she’s bangin’

  6. I bet that nose gets in the way of a good motorboat.

  7. She’s beautiful.

  8. cc

    Another useful datapoint in my investigation into when exactly the allure of fame outweighs massive douchebaggery.

  9. “Why yes, I did use all of my Gillette razor commercial money on this woman. Why do you ask?”

  10. tlmck

    He obviously became an actor for the same reason guys become rock stars. It’s all about the chicks man.

  11. Meanwhile, at Studio 54…

  12. Jenn

    I used to think he was hot. Either I’ve wished up, or he’s gotten ugly.

  13. Jenn

    Dammit, ‘wised’ up.. Apparently, not too damn much. *sigh*

    • I liked “wished up”. I thought you meant you’ve matured in your fantasies. For example, I used to think he was hot as well, until I saw David Beckham and “wished up”.

  14. To the left, to the left…everything that’s wrong is in the douche to the left…

  15. I Googled this woman and she is fucking INCREDIBLE!

  16. Don Johnson called. He wants his suit back.

  17. We’ll meet up later babe… I’m gonna go make Sharon Stone cry.

  18. Manorexic and Bolt-Ons have arrived!

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