1. Nonnie Moose

    I don’t understand. *sniffle* Why doesn’t anyone want me to re-enact my beaver shot?

  2. Wow, that dinner from yesterday’s photos sure shot her to hell, didn’t it?

  3. It’s okay grandma, don’t cry. We’ll keep the mirrors put away for the rest of the trip.

  4. cc

    Teach her to order the sea cucumber.

  5. Was this right before Roberto pushes her head into his lap, Pesci style?

  6. Mista Smoove and Silky

    Meth is a Helluva Drug!!!

  7. “And then… then he said he invited me on the boat because he liked me as a person! That he had no interest in having sex with me, in any way whatsoever! Oh, God! When did I get old?!”
    “Ok, good to know”.

  8. They need to remove all the mirrors from that yacht.

  9. oooh eeee that French wine will do a girl in. That and doing lines after 50.

  10. EDIT:: Actually Katherine Hepburns corpse on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht in Cannes

  11. oldfool

    Are you SURE thats not Courtney Love?

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