1. Nonnie Moose


  2. Keno

    “Oh my, you are correct…you are full “Weasley”. Very nice. Now may I move on?”

  3. “shit, I DO look like a dork. Oh well, I’m still rich”

  4. cc

    Hey buddy, can you write your address on this? I am going to send you the antidote to whatever the fuck it is you’ve got.

  5. “So that’s what Equus looks like from the front row?”

  6. “This is the Supercilium 5000. Use one of these, and you’ll never have unibrow again. Interested?”

  7. I'm a Nurse, not a Saint

    It’s time warp Lohan reminding Radcliff of what could have been.

  8. “I see dead people.”

  9. Mista Smoove and Silky

    Cocaine is a Helluva Drug, Baby!!!!

  10. Looking like a startled raccoon as usual.

  11. Jenn

    That young man could use some sun and vitamins. He looks pitiful.

  12. They’re doing amazing things with these wax figures nowadays

  13. “What manner of witchcraft…??? That image looks exactly like me!”

  14. Not pictured: What her left hand is doing.

  15. lori

    Perhaps a bath there, Sparky?

  16. Juan Diablo

    a wee bit too much butterbeer, eh Potter?

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