1. Perfection. Plain and simple.

  2. And the white dude says, “Holy shiznit!”

  3. glazed boobies are the best.

  4. It’s nice to see that Chris Klein still gets work. Even if it’s just as an usher.

  5. Looks as if they have noticed arrival of John Hamm.

  6. cc

    Smashing pumpkins.

  7. JC

    I’ll always love you, Roller Girl.

  8. she’s so lovely i love her big doe eyes. a classic example of a finely aged woman who takes care of herself and doesn’t need to chop up her face. so few of them left in this industry.

  9. hopefully she’s all wide eyed because she’s about smack the guy who has a death grip on her arm upside his fucking head.

  10. “Hey, guy, you’re crushing my elbow!”
    “Shut up and I’ll show you to your seat.”

  11. Jimbo

    Worst actress of her generation

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