1. Exhibit A: High as a motherfucker…

  2. Zach and Justin weigh the pros and cons of the threesome Bradley’s just pitched to them.

  3. I have an overwhelming urge to buy a used car or a home security system from Bradley Cooper.

  4. Oh, they actually brought the 4th guy with them

  5. Sparky

    From the looks of things…ZG’s flying high, BC’s giddily in lust, and JB wants a bit of both. Party hard fellas; it’s last call.

  6. Ed Helms couldn’t make it because he’s busy shooting episodes for next season’s “The Office.”

    Yeah, no one told him.

  7. tlmck

    Cooper is hoping for a chick fight.

  8. K-Tron

    Excuse me gentlemen, I don’t mean to come between you, but, Uuunnghmm, I already did.

  9. Are you two going to make out? Cause it would be cool if you did… Ohhh, yeaaahhh.

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