1. Photoshop or not, a fapping is coming (pun intended).

  2. She hasn’t had tits like these in years.
    ‘Won’t have them when “A Dame to Kill For” comes out too.

    • anonymous

      Agreed. Idle hands was the last time she had anything that looked like those tits and that ass.

    • “She hasn’t had tits like these in years.”

      Thanks, Adobe!

    • Pregnancy sometimes permanently enlarges your breasts. If you’d ever seen a pair that wasn’t on a computer monitor, you might know that.

      • buzz

        Bullshit. Pregnancy doesn’t permanently enlarge a woman’s breasts.

        Stop pretending to be female.

      • Freebie

        Before kids I was an A cup – after kids I’m a C cup, so yes, pregnancy and breastfeeding will permanently enlarge a woman’s breasts.

      • NothingisFree

        You had A cups before you had kids because you got knocked up when you were 12. The C cups came from puberty, now be quiet and get back on the pole Porsche.

      • Jake

        What was your waist size before and after pregnancy? “Cause weight gain also make boobs larger – the pregnancy is just a convenient excuse.

      • Hey Freebie:

        1. Quit pretending to be a girl. Everybody knows us dumb girls don’t know how to use the Internets.
        2. Pay attention to what the men have to say about this, because they are on the expert on women’s bodies. We don’t know anything!

        Even for The Superficial, this “mansplaining” to women about their own bodies hits a new low. Not that this was exactly the Faber Society (Google it, troglodytes) before….

      • Sure it does in some cases. Once again, you need some “hands on” experience with breasts. And no, fondling your computer monitor does not count.

  3. Pat C.

    Maybe she’s finally realizing what her contribution to society is.

  4. Ugh…she’s got those “bends too far” elbows. GROSS!

  5. She’s still a top shelf piece of ass.

  6. ok I’m a chick. this girl has THE best ass I’ve ever seen on film. that dance scene in sin city with the chaps. my god. go nancy callahan.

  7. Sam

    Yeah, but her character in Sin City IS a stripper, right? I’m not an expert on the sub-levels of exotic dance work, and I assume out in the world some girls are workin’ the pole on a Hooter’s girl non-nude level. But that’s not the kinda place Nancy’s dancin’ in, is it. Point is, she should at the least on the level of Jessica Biel in Powder Blue, and any other chick in the role would probably be goin’ full frontal. Which is lame cause she was at her physical peak when they did the last movie. Guess we’ll have to hope someone figures out a way to tap into the alternet, the internet in the parallel universe where the opposite of ours plays out. Where she’s probably a world famous porn star. Or a dude. Ehhh….

  8. Her time has long since past. There are much better women to drool over now.

  9. strattelepaul

    I wonder if she sent a copy to her grandparents?

  10. thebutlerdidit

    Sue Storm: Rise Of The Beaver Stuffer

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