1. “My eyes are up here, Channing.”

  2. That fat boy always looks so damn creepy. Has anyone checked his basement for a deep pit and some lotion?(And yeah, i left that wide open…Oh, and again.)

  3. “None of these cheerleaders excite you?”
    “Only if they dress up as Leo.”

  4. “Like what you see? Leo’s out of town tonight.”

  5. Little Tongue

    Jonah’s found himself a new bitch?

  6. maoix

    Looks like Snooki’s a cheerleader now.

  7. anonymous

    Channing is thinking about Jonah’s tatum.

  8. “You know what I call all of this, Channing?”
    “No, Jonah. What is all this?”
    “A Tuesday night at Leo’s.”

  9. Odbarc

    “Stop bringing up the bet you made, Jonah.”

  10. “Good job, Jonah. Looks like your weight has plummeted by a good ounce or two.”

  11. So the address went from 21 to 22. What, the precinct moved across the street???

  12. bonky

    Jonah: “If you kiss the tip of my penis, I’ll kiss the tip of
    your penis.”

    Channing: “Well, what about all of these girls ?”

    Jonah: “What girls ?”

  13. Swearin

    “I’m totally living out one of my school fantasies right now, Channing. You too?”
    “No, this was actually pretty commonplace for me.”

  14. Is that the same suit from the first movie?

  15. “Alright, you can watch me doing the cheerleaders, but you can’t call me Leo.”

    *sad puppy dog eyes*

    “Alright goddamnit you can call me Leo.”

  16. Channing: “You been working out, you look stronger”

    Jonah: “well, I have been trying to eat more”

  17. All that cheerleader ass and they’re looking at each other. Dafuq?

  18. spikedtounge

    Channing – Seriously Jonah, still nothing?!
    Jonah – Well, that’s not quite true. “wink”

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