1. Getting treatment after seeing Lena Dunham naked

  2. JimBB

    Nice lifts.

  3. Do you think he paid with 20 Menthol Kools?

  4. PassingTrue

    The Chronicles of Riverdance

  5. My mom loves him. That’s something, right?

  6. Funny how that doctor starts your eye test from the moment you walk toward the office.

  7. maria

    XXX? More like XXL….

  8. PillPopper

    Doctors are prescribing Iced Coffees these days?

  9. gumbypokey

    “There’s only one thing to do in a moment like this: strut.”

  10. Gosh, an eye doctor’s office that serves Frappuccinos. Coincidentally my urologists’s office serves Polska Kielbasa. At least that’s what he said it was…

  11. thebutlerdidit

    Chronicles of Riddick: Glaucoma Script.

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