1. God punished her with a child

  2. “Is that my daddy?”
    “No, that’s a tree.”
    “Is that my daddy?”
    “No, that’s a light post.”
    “Is that my daddy?
    “Nope, that’s another tree.”

  3. That’s emblazoned on his shirt as a reminder for every time she wants to toss him into traffic.

  4. Thank God, mister are you here to save me from this
    fucking bitch, she not really my mom honest!!!

  5. JimBB

    Come on, kid. Time for another game of hide-and-go-into-traffic!

  6. If you ever wanted to know how much Jones regrets having her kid, it’s written right there on his t-shirt… the poor bastard is literally wearing his mother’s disapproval.

  7. Is that a cry for help from her son?

  8. goodwolfe21

    …actually, I truly feel bad for this little boy…every picture I’ve seen of her with him, she looks totally disgusted and unhappy …she clearly does not look happy with the whole motherhood experience….

  9. Wait…didn’t she used to be attractive or something?

  10. Huh, aren’t you the same bunch who were saying Rihanna was right to insist on having privacy even when she was in a public place?

    Maybe JJ wants to be alone with her son and not stalked by a bunch of paps who take pictures so people like you can gawk and catcall?

    Just a thought.

  11. she can’t be expected to guard her son 24×7 from stranger abductions, so she got him the shirt to protect him. It’s…uh…not working.

  12. Could she get ant further away and still hold hands?

  13. CK

    Fuck that guy!

  14. “Mommy, there’s a car coming!!!”

    “I know.”

  15. I'm Scout and I need a bra.

    My God, she’s actually touching it! Is somebody blackmailing her?

  16. thebutlerdidit

    “Mommy! Jandroid is pulling my arm too hard, again!”

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