1. Cock Dr

    That is one fucked up outfit. Take it off immediately.

  2. I think she’s on to us. She wove chicken feathers into her hair.


  3. She’s wearing the winner from Project Runway’s Duck Dynasty Easter special.

  4. The braid is called a ‘fishtail’,,,,seriously!
    Let the proper comments start in 3,,,,,2,,,,,,1

  5. She’s pretty, but she really does have the same vacuous expression as the FG horse.

  6. Flatliner


  7. This event is appropriately named for Joanna.

  8. Agreed Don, her hips are a little bit narrow but DAYUM does she have the F me look down.

  9. I would hit that six ways from Sunday. Whatever the fuck that means.

  10. renotastic

    Dis how chicken sear eyes!

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