1. “Ewww…I smell poop. Is auntie Kim around?”

  2. JEEESSSUUUS MOM did something crawl up your ass
    lay eggs then die!!!!!!

  3. JimBB

    “Mommy, why aren’t cameras following all the other kids?”

  4. yourmom

    The asshole gene runs deep in this one.

  5. Ralph

    All the women in this family (and I’m including Bruce) have major camel toe!

  6. buzz

    Kid better hope he inherited more Disick than Kardashian genes because when he grows up he is either going to be a fat ass or grow one.

  7. Ronaldo

    I hope the entire family stays in Paris and never come back. Please!!!!!

  8. How many of these fucking vile K-named creatures are there????

  9. That kid’s about to go Sean Penn on the paps!

  10. That kid just got shown his family tree.

  11. That lame fabric (can be read both ways) is working on swallowing her meaty clam.

  12. thebutlerdidit

    “Ewww, mommy, I smell sulphur! Grandma and Mr. Levin must be nearby!”

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