1. She can wrap that leg around head anytime.

  2. Amy

    Apparently, she didn’t have time to change out of her Spandex before putting on her dress.

  3. DeucePickle

    Wow, in a dress ? She looks awesome !

  4. Nanny Fine

    I want this dike so bad. damnit.

  5. Suddenly, I feel like a little Dutch boy – I want to put my finger in the dike.

  6. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls


  7. Ole one eye Rough

    Replay is hot. Love them long time.

  8. AnnaDraconida


  9. marie



    Wow. I don’t know why she’s there but I’m assuming it’s a barter system thing of sex for tickets,a gown, and a coupon for a free buffet.

  11. Wha?

    Fish: more of this, less of Snooki. Take note.

  12. That’s actually her dick.

  13. why do I get the feeling that if you actually got her in bed, she’d yell in your face “it’s just a vagina, what’s the big fucking deal!” and then jam a needle in your eardrum. I just can’t imagine any interaction with her being remotely pleasant.

  14. Nug

    Too bad we won’t see her again ’till Fast Six.

  15. tlmck

    Damn, I’m wearing underwear.

  16. nooooooooooooo

    Looks like she just came out of a recent drunkfest. Her publicist probably forgot to give her a bottle of 1800 and now she’s wondering how she ended up in a dress.

  17. Arizona Ken

    Sorry, is my cock showing?

  18. SIN

    Why, yes…they do look good, don’t they.

  19. vitobonespur

    “And here we see Michelle Rodriguez pointing out to the paps the dingleberry she imported from the States.”

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