1. Hugh Gentry

    ugly ass name for a hottie

  2. Savant-Idiot

    I’d like a drink from that bar…

  3. Why is Kristen Cavallari having a party in Cannes?

  4. I switched the first 2 letters, guys

    fan mace

  5. marie

    Very sexy


    DiCaprio’s an idiot. He was lucky to get her and certainly won’t find anything better.

  7. Wow, that Spider-man outfit looks a lot better on her than on J-Lo.

    • Fletch

      Nothing looks good on J-Ho except a brown burlap sack pulled over the head and tied together at the bottom of her feet.

  8. Dear Mel Gibson, this is how wrong you are about Jews.

  9. truth be told

    didnt even recognize her without a bikini on …

  10. cc

    I almost had something going with her right up until I offered her some of my pork rinds.

  11. vitobonespur

    “OK, Bar. Make your appearance, then hurry up and meet me back at the hotel…I’ll take a quick shower and…HUH? What? School? Oh c’mon Mom, just 5 more minutes.”

  12. Dutch

    She’s got that healthy “I Didn’t Have Leonardo Dicaprio’s Cock in Me Last Night Glow”.

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